The Breed

Bergamasco is an old sheepdog breed, which can be traced several of thousand years back, the breed is probably emerge in Persian (the now present Iran) The breed is robust and full of energy, that is why this breed is appropriate to work with the nomad shepherds, whose job was to look after the sheep herd, in the rough mountain climes from Persian to west Europe. Some of these nomad stay in the Italian mountain, with their dogs. The Italian dog is described in ancient writings as the "great gray". The Shepherds went down from the mountain to search work at the farmers in the Bergamasco valley, who has sheep in the mountain. Back then these shepherds were call Bergamascos but that name were gradually give to the shepherds travelling companion in mountain landscape, the sheepdogs. The Shepherds were hereafter call Bergaminos.

Bergamasco work close with their shepherd, in a one man relationships, where there common goal is to protect the herd. In the opposite between other Sheepdogs there have to get a precise command, enjoy the Bergamasco to have a unique relationship with their shepherd in the mountain – Just one shepherd, a small number dogs and more than hundreds sheep to guard. The shepherds have to have a helper there were so independent as possible, so the Bergamasco need to work out their problems by them self. So the dogs are produce to think a step forward, to behave their shepherd on the best way. They learn quickly to do their work fast and see the problems and then work them out on the best way by them self, in the changing weather I the mountain.

As the result of this the Bergamasco develop themselves to be a very intelligent breed with a big wish to behave and help their owner with a good capability to think self and find their own way to the goal. Therefor see the Bergamasco more themselves as an helper or work partner than a normal dog, and therefor is the Bergamasco a good choice for a person der appreciate an intelligent and independent dog.

The Bergamasco was on the brink of extinction after the Second World War when the wool production was falling, they done need so many sheepdogs more. Dr. Maria Andreoli, a breeder from Italy, was taking a big part to safe this breed. As an educate scientist she were in condition to studies and find some good quality for the breed and in the past 40 year with breeding and procreate of the Bergamasco she had made lots of good champion lines.

5 fast facts about this breed:

- Because of the breed old source and a little human help is the Bergamasco a healthy breed, without specifics breed illness.
- The breed will be between 13 and 15 years old.
- There are about 200 breeder and about 2000-2500 living Bergamasco in the world.
- In 1970 there were on breeder in Denmark with Bergamasco, but today there is no one.
- Today there are about 9 + Bergamasco in Denmark.