About Me

My name is Pia, I am educated as IT Supporter and live a little bit from Vejle in Denmark.

I am the lucky owner of 6 lovely Cane Da Pastore Bergamasco, 3 at home: Eccola, Rubin and Terk and 3 in foster home: Koda, Spirit and Rain, I also have 3 Chinese Crested Capone, Mushu and Quark.

The road here with my 6 Bergamascos has been something of a nightmare, in October 2010 I got my first Bergamasco from Germany Diamia, unfortunately this knowledge was too short since Diamia 12 days later died of the Parvo virus. The dream of owning a Bergamasco was crushed to pieces, it was a tough time.
First i got Eccola from Norway, then Rubin from Sweden, Terk and Koda is from my first little and Spirit and Rain is from my second little.

I am agent for Cane Da Pastore Bergamasco, in Denmark.

I am a member of:
Danish Kennel Club (DKK)
Club for Shapherd-, cattle- and farm dogs without a special club (KHKG)
Bergamasco in Sweeden (BIS)
International Bergamasco Sheepdog Association (IBSA)

I have accomplish the DKK breeder education and i have Breed certifikations.