News 2017

31. December 2017:
Breed winner 2018
This years breed winner in DKK is Perfect Storm's Spirit
A Big congratulation

11. November 2017:
World Dog Show 2017 in Germany.
Result from the show
Perfect Storm's Spirit, Exc, 2 Best Junior male
Perfect Storm's Koda, Exc, 4 Best Champion male
Skärviks Rubin, Exc, 3 Best Champion male
Perfect Storm's Rain, Exc, Best Junior female and Junior World Winner 2018
Perfect Storm's Terk, Exc, 3 Best Champion female.

I am proud of this result, both as owner and breeder and Perfect Storm’s have now got it first Junior World winner, this is so big for us.
It have been some great days in Germany with great friends.

8. November 2017:
German Winner, Show in Germany
Skärviks Rubin, Best male, CAC, CACIB, BOS and German winner 2017
Perfect Storm’s Terk, 2 Best female, cac and Resv. CACIB

23. September 2017:
Show in Ballerup
Perfect Storm’s Sprit BOB and Copenhagen winner 2017
Perfect Storm’s Rain Exc.

2. August 2017:
“Familie Journalen2
This week editions of “Familie Journalen”, it is a family magazine, there were a post about the Bergamasco and that we had been at the farmshow in Odense.
This magazine make 350.000 magazines every week.

9-12. june 2017:
Farmshow in Odense
This year I had chosen to have a meet the breed stand on the Farmshow in Odense, because I want to tell the Danish people about the breed.
I got help but Trine and her Girls, we had 5 dogs with us This weekend.
This were a big success and we have talk a lot about the bred and about the coat.
There have been around 60.000 visitors, this weekend depart over 3 days.
Our dogs have been fantastic and they really enjoy all the attention they got.
We are looking forward to next year.
Here are some photos from our days there

20. February 2017:
Bergamasco Meeting in Sweden
This weekend Rubin and I were in Sweden to take part in the Bergamasco meeting and Board meeting in BIS
It were really great to see so many families and there Bergamasco

11. February 2017:
DKK Breed winner 2016
Today Perfect Storm’s Terk receive her rosettes for her Breed winner 2017

28. January 2017:
Show in KHKG
Perfect Storm’s Spirit 2x BOB Puppy, 1x Puppy BIS 3 and 1x Puppy BIS 4
Skärviks Rubin 2xBOB and 1x BIS 3
Perfect Storm’s Terk got also her rosettes for KHKGs Breed winner2016