News 2016

31. December 2016:
The year 2016
The year 2016 is soon over, we have had a great year, were the big point must be EDS and the puppies

All the puppies are now move from home, once again the most puppies are move from Denmark, wich i am very proud of and i am very happy about our IBSA network!

Perfect Storm's Shrek are move to Canada
Perfect Storm's Gromit are move to Estonia
Perfect Storm's Spirit are move home to Perfect Storm’s Koda
Perfect Storm's Marty are move to US
Perfect Storm's Fiona are staying in Denmark
Perfect Storm's Gloria are move to Sweden
Perfect Storm's Rain are staying in Denmark

All puppies have grat family

This Show year have been a great year.
Terk and Koda are now Danish Champion and Nordic winner 2016
Terk is also Club champion, Danish winner 2016 and she is the top Bergamasco in both Dansih kennel Club (DKK) and our special club (KHKG)
Rubin, what sould i say about him, he have done it bether than great, he is European winner 2016!!! Do i need to says more!?
I am very proud of this great dogs.

5-6. November 2016:
International show in Herning.
Koda and Terk were both enter
Saturday were there 2 other Bergamasco, Terk got BIM and Danish winner title, Koda got 2 best male and RCacib.
Sunday Terk got BOB and Koda BOS, both dogs got the Nordic winner title.

1. oktober 2016:
Dobbelt national show in Års
Terk and Rain wereboth enter
Terk got 2xBOB and got her last club cac and are now Club champion
Rain got 2xBOB baby, this where her first show and she were so so great.

26. august 2016:
EDS in Belgium
I have enter all 3 dogs, Eccola in Champion, Terk in Open and Rubin in Champion

I don't know where to start, i am so so happpy about this, it was a great trip, even when it start bad.

Friday where show day for us, the jugde where Christian Stefanscu from Romain, there where 13 Bergamasco enter.
Rubin where the first of my dogs in the ring, Rubin got Excl, and then the should place 1,2,3,4 Rubin got up front and the judge says, 1,2,3,4 Rubin won the Champion class!!
Then it where best male and once again Rubin up front and 1,2,3,4 Rubin where the best male and European winner 2016!!! i have never ever hobe that he wouldt godt a title like this, i am so so proud.

Then it where the girls turn and i where still in chok.
Terk Got excl and 2 in open class, Eccola have lost a lot of hair after the puppies and got 4 place in Champion class.

Then it where BOB time, Rubin where against the female and lost so he got the BOS, but i don't care because i where still in chok he is the best male i Europe!! i can belive it. I am proud of him!

16. June 2016:
Eccola have today giv bith to 7 puppies
3 merle girls, 1 merle boys and 4 black boys, everybody are fine.

28. May 2016:
Dobbelt show in Taulov
Terk were enter, she got BOB both times and got her Club Cert

14. february 2016:
International show in Fredercia
Terk and Koda were enter
Terk got BOB with Cacib
Koda got Excl. without CK

30. january 2016:
Dobbelt show in Taulov
Terk and Koda were both enter this show.
Terk got BOB both times and finally got the Danish Champion Tilte and first club cac.
Koda got 1 excl. without ck and 1 BOS so he also got the Danish Champion title this day.