News 2015

31. december 2015:
This year
The year 2015, was a year where Denmark get the knowledge about Bergamasco, we have been in a project call ” what dog am I?” and photo of the dog where in a big shopping center in Denmark in nearly a month. We got a breed description in our DKK member magazine, we were in Tivoli friheden to show the breed, and Rubin were at the front site fro KHKG member magazine.
Perfect Storm’s Lilo have given birth to 7 puppies, congratulation to her and the family.
WDS Milano:
This years big event where WDS in Milano, we in IBSA have plan a trip to Bergamo and to WDS all together, Henrik, Dorthe and I took Koda and Terk With us to Milano, we had at great trip with great people.
2015 where the year Terk and Koda could be Danish champion, but our judge where not by the same statement, so we need to wait to next year.
But at Show In Luxembourg Terk, got 2 titles and is now Luxembourg Champion. 10. oktober 2015:
Show in Års
Terk where enter to both shows, but unfortunately, Terk didn't get the last cac this time etiher, but maybe next time.

7. oktober 2015:
KHKG magasin
Rubin is today at the front pagde of our speciality club magasin
The magasin have lots of photo of the beergamasco this time
I am so proud over

19. september 2015:
Show in Hillerød
Both Terk and Koda where enter
They are now over 2 years and missing now there last cac, so they can be Dansih champion
But the jugde dont like ours dogs, and once again we have a jugde there are not take the dogs age in mind

29. August 2015:
Show in Luxenbourg
Show in Luxenbourg, Terk where the only dog i have enter.
She got BIR, Got the CAC and CACIB, the title Benelux winner 2015, She is now new Luxenbourg Champion, only 23 month old

10-14. June 2015:
I decided 2-3 years ago that I wanted to go to WDS in Italy and perhaps maybe be able to visit Bergamo, so it has long been a dream and now it come true

10 June in the evening took Terk and I set off to Italy by car, along with Henrik, Dorthe and Koda, the trip down there went well and we reached Milan about noon the following day.

Thursday we had agreed that we would just relax after the long drive and for the dogs just to getting set

Friday we took a trip to WDS to look and find out where we were going to be on Sunday, it was a nice relaxed day, with look at a lot of dogs, I was so lucky that my other favorite breed was exhibited Today, Mastino Napoletano, I think it's such a great breed, so maybe I just have a thing for the Italian breeds, unfortunately for me, I am not sure that the breed is suitable for my life, so I settle for my Bergamasco and my Chinese Crested.

Saturday was a day I had looked forward in a very long time, we were in Bergamo with our fantastic IBSA Bergamasco family from all around the world, and some of their dogs. The plan was made at home from our Swiss friends, we had lunch together, and then see Bergamo, and last to eat dinner together in the evning.
It was really nice to finally meet, some I had meet before, others I had only written with via mail and some I have never talk with, but it were so nice, people just talk like everyone have knew each other for a long time, because we all have a great passion for our great breed, there where exchange alot of experiences

Our IBSA family today
Chris and Rayna from UK.
Michael, Birgitte, and Patricia from Switzerland
Donna and Steven from US
Gretje from Netherlands
Dorthe, Henrik and I from Denmark

We had a wonderful day together in Bergamo, it really is a great city
The evening took place in Chassico in Switzerland, where the other people lived, we had chosen a hotel in Milan instead, but we decided to drive to their hotel and spend the evening with them, on the way out of Bergamo, we remember that the dogs and our passport all lay in the apartment in Milan, as it was meaningful that we all should have eaten in Milan after our trip to Bergamo. We did not dare to cross the border without a passport so we decided to drive back to Milan for the passports and then joined the others in Chassico

Sunday it was time for the world dog show 38 dogs entered, which is nicely many, compared to the last year of world dog show, which where not have been that many, maybe 10-12 dogs. Koda and Terk was alone in their classes, Terk got a VG, why I do not know and Koda got a excl. CK and run after the CAC, but without success.
After the show we drove back to Switzerland to visit Perfect Storm's Flit and family, we spent a few hours with them and it was great to see them again.

We spent the night at a hotel in Switzerland where after we drove home on Monday morning, we landed in Denmark again around at 8 a clock.

6. june 2015:
Breed præsentation in Tivoli Friheden
Today Rubin and I where in Tivoli Friheden to show the breed togetter with Koda and Family.
The weather was perfect and it where a very lovely day.

30. Maj 2015:
Show in Neüenmunster
Terk and Koda where sign up for this show.
Both dog got there CAC and Club CAC.

19. May 2015:
Perfect Storm's Lilo (Aka Sofie)
Perfect Storm's Lilo (Aka Sofie) who are living in US, have today give birthe to 7 healty puppies
Congratulation to Edith, Dave and Sofie

16. May 2015:
DKK Hunden
Today DDK members paper came out with a breed artikel about the bergamasco, i am really proud of this artikel and i hope people here in Denmark now will learn more about the fantatisk breed.

21. February 2015:
Project "What dog am i?"
It is a Project, where a photographer ae taken photo of so many diffent dogs as possibolt.
The photographer is Regno Nero, few years ago she where afraid of dogs, but not any more.
Eccola and Rubin is in this projekt, we are really looking forward to the "Show off"

6. February 2015:
Terk and Koda where at the show in Fredercia
Terk got Excl.
Koda got the BOB and in the big big big main ring he got BIG 4!!
What a great great weekend, i am so so proud.