News 2014

20. December 2014:
A Christmas greeting from Breeder Perfect Storm’s in Denmark.

The year 2014 has been a good year, even though we lost Kenai and Cane (Aka Tumle) to early. It have been a very good show year, can’t even believe it yet.

In the early 2014 we still have some puppies left, but they have all found new home now, Koda are move to Als in Denmark, where he will stay as one of my males for future breeding. Sitka is moved to Great Britain and Flit is move to Swiss.

I have updated the homepage with the entire photo’s I could find of the puppies, but I will love to have more photos of them

The Show year 2014:
She have not been on that many show this year but even that she is become a champion VDH (German), KFUH (German club) Champion, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion, 2 winner titles and are qualify to Cruft.

She is now Champion in Denmark (Normal and club), Sweden, Norway, German (Normal and club), Nordic and International and she have 7 winner titles.

I think Eccola Av Villrosebakken must be what you can call multi champion.

Rubin: have been on a little more show because, he was so close to many champion titles, so I choose to go for it! So this year he got the champion titles in VDH (German), KFUH (German club) Champion, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion, International and 4 winner titles.

He is now Champion in Denmark (Normal and club), Sweden, Norway, German (Normal and club), Nordic and International and he have now 8 winner titles.

So I also think that Skärviks Rubin must been in the multi champion category together with Eccola.

Terk: 2014 where Terk first show year and she started the year with 2 x BOB Baby. In June she was old enough to enter the official dog show and I must say she is like her mom and dad, on the DKK international show in vejen, she got excl the first day, but second day she got her first BOB with cac and Is Cruft qualifier 2015, from that show it all went so fast, on the show in Oslo, Norway, she got 2 best bitch with res cac, only beaten by Eccola. On the show in Sweden, she got BOB again, at the Show in Hillerød, she got once again BOB with Cac, she also got the 2 titles KBHJV2014 and KBHV2014 and is Now DKK breed winner 2014!

When Eccola took the cac in Norway we have to go again, where she got BOS with Cac, only beaten by Rubin, She also got 2 titles NORDJV2014 and NORDV2014.

Koda: Is one of the Boys from my own little I have keep for future breeding, he is stay in Denmark not so fare from me, he where on his first show I Herning, Denmark, he was so cool and just had a party in the ring, he got BOB with Cac and also 2 Titles DKJV2014 and DKV2014.

All the other thing:
The show year had been very good, with very great result, Terk and Koda are just stared to have fun in the ring and they have already win so much, and I must say that I am very very proud of all the dogs.

We have no puppy plan this year, because I will priories the show with Terk and Koda instead and of cause the WDS in Milano and Bergamo, I am really look forward to June. Before I go I will say a big thanks for a great time with all of you at the show, all there have helped us and to all the lovely people I have meet new as old on our trip all over Europe and to Kodas family it is so nice to have you so close by.

I will wish you all a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year

Love and paws from
Pia, Eccola, Terk, Rubin and Koda

22. November 2014:
This years last show for us where in køge at dobbelt club show.
Terk got 2 x Excl. Rubin got 2 x BOB with 2 x Club Cac, he got also between the 6 best in BIS and he is now this years best club breedwinner 2014

14-15. November 2014:
Show in Lillestrøm
Terk, Koda and Rubin where enteret the show.
Show day 1: Terk and Koda where enteret, Terk godt VG and Koda got Excl. even that the judge have judge Terk to 2 beste female 2 months ago, so i where a little disapointet.
Show day 2: Terk and Rubin where enteret, Terk got BOS andgot the Cac togetter with the 2 titles Nordjv14 and Nordv 14. Rubin got BOB, Cac and Cacib, togetter with the title Nordv14, because of all this he also got the Norwgain, Nordic, and international champion to day.
What a Weekend, at a big thanks to Per ove and Family for letting us stay there, it was so nice.

2. November 2014:
Show in Herning
Koda where enteret his first show togetter with Terk
Koda got BIR and the Title DKJV14 and DKV14, at his firste show ever!
Terk got excl. but she finish this year as Breed vinder 2014

21. September 2014:
Show in Hillerød
Terk where at the show in Hillerød, she got BOB togettter with the titles KBHVJ14 and KBHV14

14. September 2014:
Show i Eslöv
Terk where at her first show in Sweden and got BOB togetter with the Swedish cac

23. August 2014:
Show in Århus
Terk where at the show in Århus and got the BOB

16. August 2014:
Show in Oslo
Eccola, Rubin anf Terk where enter the show.
On our trip we stay at Thinker bells family, it where very nice.
The result where very very good, Rubin got Excl. Terk got 2 best female with res cac, Eccola got BIR and got the Cac and got Norwgain and Nordisk champion title togetter with the cruft kvalifiction.
Eccolas Breeder Stina step by, Per ove and Nero where also here to visti, it where so nice to see them.

2. August 2014:
Rubin at the show in Bremen
Rubin missing just one CAC to get Champion in Germany and he got it, with a BOB!
Rubin is now VDH and KFUH Champion.

21-22 June 2014:
This where Terk first show in Junior class on her show in Vejen.
The show went well, maybe better than i have hope.
Show 1: Terk got excl. 1 winner JC.
Show 2: Terk got it "all" Excl. 1 winner JC, CK, 1. BF, CAC, BOB and Cruft Kvalification, what a start on her show tour!

13 May 2014:
All the puppy are now move to their new home.
Koda, Terk, Kenia and Tumle are staying I Denmark, Tantor and Lilo move to US, Meeko to Sweden, Sitka to Great Britain, Thinker bell to Norway and Flit to Swiss.
All puppies have some nice family and I will post new pictures of them when I got them from the family.

09-11 May 2014:
The Show in Dortmund is a doublet show, so we were showing Friday and Sunday.
Friday: Flits new family come to pick him up and Rubin got the best male and the title Früjarhssieger 2014
Sunday Rubin only got the Very good.

18 April 2014:
Koda is move to his new family in Denmark, and he will stay as my breeding male.

12 April 2014:
Perfect storm's Tumle aka Cane is past a way to day RIP little boy.

29-30 March 2014:
Doublet show in Berlin
Saturday: Eccola got the BOB and Rubin got the BOS
Sunday: Rubin got the BOB and Eccola Got the BOS
Eccola is now Germen Champion.

25. January 2014:
Show in Strib.
This show where Terk first show, everything went well she got the BOB baby, and Rubin got the BOB
However the day do not go all good, Kenia past away this morning RIP my little boy.