News 2013

31 december 2013:
A Little late happy New Year from Kennel Perfect Storm’s.
Year 2013 have been a year with happiness and sadness, both good and bad.

The show year 2013
Rubin is now 2 years old and we now only need to get the last CAC to get the Danish Champion title I had I little dream about Rubin will got the nordisk champion title when he became a Danish Champion but that didn’t work out that well, because our trip to Norway where a nightmare. However, I hope that he and Eccola will get the title this year. Rubin had some problem with the judge this year so first the 22 of September, he got the last CAC and become a Danish and Swedish Champion at the same day, and he got the KBH winner tile as he did last year. Since Eccola did not have that many show this year, Rubin also become DKK Years of Breed winner 2013.
Eccola did not show that much this year because of the puppies, but she got the Club champion and Swedish champion, before her puppies were born.

Puppies plan.
I have plan the puppies to be born in the spring but because of work, I want to wait to the fall. Eccola and Rubin where made and everything went well, the 12 of august Eccola where pregent with at least 6 puppies.
The times goes and the 12 of September the puppies where born, all big and healthy.
The most of the puppies had got home now but Kenia, Koda and Flit still need a new home, but out of 10 puppies and as a new breeder with such a rare breed, I am glad that I only got 3 puppies left, and then I just have some more time to spend with them.
Thinker bell were the first puppy to live for her new home, she lives in Norway now. A week later Lilo and Tantor live for the states and the same day Meeko live to his family in Sweden, Tumle is staying with a family in Denmark and Terk are stay with me, and Sitka is live for his family in Great Britain at the 12 of January.

All the other things:
Year 2013 were also the year I got my kennel name approved and got my first kennel visit.
Although you can plan, you out of many things and prepare you in all possible ways, sometimes you just can see it all, everything was ready for the puppies to be born around the 12 of September, but the 2 of September, will probably be one of those days I will never forget my mother got a brain bleeding, in the morning, for more than 12 days, her condition were critical and we didn’t know if is will go bad or good.
But today she is fine, she come out of the hospital the 4 of December, so all this toke a part of the joy with the puppies, but still something like that you can’t prepare you for and the puppies are fine anyway.

But now I will wish you all a happy new year.

23. November 2013:
Puppies, New Photos
The puppies are now 11 weeks, and some of them are soon moving to there new home.
So i have taken som new photos of them, before they moving.
In joy :)

19. November 2013:
Thinker Bell
Thinker Bell is today moving to her new home and family in Norway.
We wish her a good trip, she is the first puppies there are moving from home.

2. November 2013:
Breed winner 2013.
Rubin is now DKK Breed Vinder 2013.
Eccola is for 2 time KHKG Breed Vinder of the year, in KHKG 2013.
There are new Photo of Rubin on his Profil.

7. Oktober 2013:
The puppies are 3 weeks now
The Puppies are now 3 weeks, it all goe so fast.
There are photos of the puppies on there sites look more on the puppies site
There are still puppies for sales.

22. September 2013:
The show in Ballerup.
Rubin got the BOB, on the show today.
He has now won the KBHV title 2 years in a row, so he is now KBHV13.
He Because he got the BOB he also got his last Cac, and is now Dansih and Swedish Champion.
There are also new photo of him.

12. September 2013:
The puppies are born.
Eccola gave birth to 10 puppies, all are healthy and aktive.
There are 1 black girl, 1 black boy, 2 grey girls and 6 grey boys.
More pictures will come later as the puppies are getting older.

12. August 2013:
We are expeting puppies.
See more abou it on the puppy site.

3. August 2013:
Show in Køge.
Eccola is now new Club Champion.
Rubin is stil missing his last cac.

1. June 2013:
Show in Neunmünster, Germany.
The Show went very well Eccola got the BOB.

25. May 2013:
Show in Taulov
Both dogs where sign in for the show.
Eccola got the BOB and Sheila Went with her in Junior Handling and won a 1 place.
Rubin got Very good.

24. April 2013:
Kennel Name

Today is the day my Kennel name where acceptet.
My kennel name is now Perfekt Storm's.
First i have chosen House Of Bergmasco as name but after some advise to not to use the breed in the name i have change it, and after i'm so glad for my middel name, i choses to use it in my kennel name.
Now i only waiting on the kennel visit from DKK, and then we are ready to the puppies hopefully will come this Autum.

13. April 2013:
Herd instict test.

I’ve always heard that Bargamasco should have a really good herd instinct, without tranien first.

So last year i started to search for someone who could/would try to test them, but that were a little difficult, because many people will only test there own breed, but i ask aroundt for somtimes and then i found Jesper, the owner of, Jesper has some experience with testing and herd a lot of different breeds, so I chose him, but before I have look me around the winter came and I must set my projekt on hold until the weather improved.

So on March 13th I went away with both dogs against Fyn, I was very excited because the dogs never had seen a sheep before and I were a bit nervous if they would bite them.

When we arrived where Jesper live, we took a cup of cofee in and talked a little about the breed and how my dogs were in daily life, he told a little about himselves, and what his goal were for the dogs today. Then we went out on the field, and when dogs have seen the sheep, they were very observant, Jesper bring together three sheep into the corral, as the dogs should be tested on.
Then we started to test Rubin, Eccola sat nicely and waited outside the fence to see how it all went. For a start Rubin had a leash on inside the corral, with the sheep just to briefly show him how it should be done but also to see his reaction on the sheep, after about 5 minutes time said Jesper I could take the leash off him.
Jesper went inside the center with the sheep and help Rubin a bit, after about 30-40 min Rubin got a break, Jesper were very surprised at his presentation and said he had something unique that only few dogs have, Then it where Eccolas turn, Eccola started like Rubin and after a few minutes, she were unleashed.
After 30-40 she also got a break and Jesper was stunned by both dogs' presentation, he believes they really are something unique, but the dogs er herd on both there ways, Rubin is a little more "on" and Eccola are much calmer, but she is also 1 year old than Rubin.
Jesper also said that there were some small adjustments on the dogs but nothing bad, and I think Jesper was a little surprised by dogs approach to herd.
You can se photo and video from the test, on the dogs side.

2. April 2013:
Both dogs are now PennHIP
The Bergamasco club in Sweden (BIS) has decided to start a project about PennHIP on our breed, a project which I have chosen to support, here in Denmark.
The project will try to get as many as possible Bergamasco PennHIPpet so we get a more identical judgment of the Hips worldwide, because it is only the University of Pennsylvania who judges them.

So because I have chosen to support this project both of my dogs should have taken a PennHIP also, but there are only a small number of veterinarians here in Denmark there have this education to do this, and many of them have not uses it for several years, therefore it has been difficult to find a vet who would do it, but I found a veterinarian and the photo have been taken, 2 weeks later results came on both dogs, both of them are in the tightest end of the scale, which I'm really happy about, the results are now sent to BIS where they will save the results for further research.

24. March 2013:
SKK show in Sweden.
The show in Malmø went very well, Eccola got BOB, and got the swedish cac and her last Cacib, so now she is Swedish and International Champion.

26. January 2013:
KHKG show in Strib.
This where our first show in 2013, it were also a double show.
I only had join Eccola for the show, because she should have her prize, for the beste Cane Da Pastore Bergamasco in KHKG 2012.
The first show did not go so well, but the next went good, she got her Club Cac and got BIR.