News 2012

22. December 2012:
A Christmas greeting from Denmark.

My Hands are still in the air, after Eccolas, in my eye big result in Herning, it was really great.
Show year 2012 has been a year of many shows, both in Danmark and round in the world, both with good and not so good results as hoped, I have met many nice people, both through driving to and from shows but also at shows, already In December 2011, I decided to go to the World Dog Show in Austria, and meet other Bergamascos and breeder, and just the experience to be at a world dog show again, I don’t have any hops for the result, I just want to be there. Thursday night we drive, so we would be down there Friday which also where my birthday, we find a place eat some good food, and finally we found a place where we could enjoy the evening, with the views over the mountains, it was really and nice way to celebrate my birthday on. Saturday we should show the dogs, there were 12 sign up Bergamascos so it was not so many but Rubin came home with a very good and Eccola was 2 best in her class and got a Res cac.

This year we have had many great results from the shows from, Eccola became Danish champion on her 2 year birthday, but through the year she also got lots of good and promising critique, and then she got 4 titles this year. Rubin is still young but although that he only missing a cert after his 2 year birthday to be Danish champion, he has got lots of good and promising and he got also his first title this year although he is not so old yet.

I'm really looking forward to next year, the show calendar is outline, but there is a risk for that I have to change it, Because I hopefully will be approved as a breeder, so I can have my first litter, and I am really looking forward to that.

Before I go again I will just say thanks for all the help I have received, and for the hours we have spent together, they have all had a major impact on me, and I'd like to thanks my 2 breeder for these stunning show and family dogs I have got.

To conclude, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, maybe we will be seen each other in the new year.

The best Christmas greetings and paw slap from
Pia, Rubin and Eccola.

3-4. November 2012:
International show in Herning.
Saturday was the Danish winner show and Sunday was the Nordic winner show.
Saturday was sign up for 6 Bergamascos, besides my 2, there were 2 dogs from Sweden, one of is Rubins uncle, and 2 from Germany, one them were Eccolas sister. The result was that Rubin and Eccola was got second best male and second best female.

Sunday were my 2 dogs and the 2 dogs from Sweden, the result was that Rubin again stood as the second best male, he is still young, Eccola won her class and were the best bitch, and stood in competition in the BOB, Eccola got the BOS, but it is still a very nice result and now she can add one more title, Nordic Winner 2012! This title is mean a lot to me.
This was the last show of 2012 and we will be back next year.

24. Oktober 2012:
There are now Breed portrait about the Bergamasco on these danish sites.
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20-21. Oktober 2012:
International show in Poznan, Poland.
This show were going very well, Saturday there were 3 bergamasco and sunday to the polish winner show there were 5 bergamasco.
Saturday both dogs got Very good.
Sunday Rubin were the 2 best male, he got the Cac and a reserve Cacib, Eccola were best of breed, she got the Cac, Cacib, and the polish winner title, and she where between the 7 best dogs in groupe 1.
I am very proud of my dogs.
Next show are about 14 days, to the dobbelt show in Herning.

20-21. Oktober 2012:
Today i have got my breeder certificate, so now i just have to apply for for the Breeder name.

4-5. august 2012:
International and National show in Bremen, Germany
This show were going very well.
Eccola got 2 best female and Rubin got ver good at the Saturday show.
Eccola and Rubin got the BOB and BOS at the sunday show.

17. june 2012:
International show in Ballerup, Denmark.
This were an Copenhagenwinner 2012 show, there were 3 Bergamasco enter for this show.
Eccola, Rubin and Rubins sister Lulu, the show went very well.
Eccola went BOB and got her 2 Cacib, Rubin got BOS and both dogs got the title KBHV2012. Both dogs got an excellent critique.
Next show is in Bremen Germany.