News 2019

2-3 November 2019:
International Show in Herning
This Show is DKK last show in the year and it is always like to attent to a party, Sunday there is also a Winner title to compete about and this is also here you can colloct the last point for DKK Breed Winner 2019.
Spirit where ented both days and Koda only sunday, beside that there where also ented a dog from Finland.

Saturday: John Muldoon
Perfect Storm's Spirit: Exc.OK Plac.1 CK 2.BM CERT R.CACIB
Søndag: Vincent O'Brien
Perfect Storm's Spirit: Exc.OK Plac.1 CK 1.BM CERT CACIB BIR and Danish Winner 2019
Perfect Storm's Koda: Exc.CHK Plac.1 CK 2.BM R.CACIB

With Cert both days Spirit is now DANISH CHAMPION!
Last but not Least Skärviks Rubin is DKK Breed winner 2019!

TV midt-vest (Danish newz channel) did a little Video and artikkel about the show and our Bergamasco is represented in the video and artikkel.

11. October 2019:
PhotoShoot in Gudenåen
Kaj Frøling, went by to take Photos of Rubin, You can see the Photos he take on Rubins Site

7-8. September 2019:
Big Horse and Dog Day InRoskilde
Once again Bergamasco where Representated at Big horse and Dog day.
It is a very nice way to meet people and to talk about the breed

25. August 2019:
Dog Day in Tivoli, Copenhagen
This year we took Rubin with us in Tivoli to Representent Bergamasco
This is the only day that dogs are allow aceess in Tivoli and is it always very nice there.
It where a very hot day, but we talked with alot of people about the breed.

11-12. May 2019:
Show in Roskilde
3 Days show in Roskilde, Rubin where enter to 2 shows, Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Rubin got BOB Veteran and BOB.
Sunday: Rubin Got BOB Veteran and BOB, and he is now Qualified to Cruft in 2020

But he also went BIS3 Veteran, out of all BOB Veterans on the day.
Once again we are placed in the main ring, i am proud like hell.

What a Great start on the show year this is!

7. May 2019:
We are now on Facebook
After a long time, Perfect Storms is now on Facebook.

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